The Last People of Chernobyl 2 – Release

The film “The Last People of Chernobyl 2” tells the story of the samosely, people still living today in the areas of the exclusion zone created after the 1986 disaster. Many of them live in wooden huts without running water and sometimes without electricity in almost completely abandoned villages. Despite the harsh conditions, they don’t want to leave. “This is where I was born and this is where I will die”. – they repeat.

The group helps the samosely every winter, bringing food and warm clothes. Although there is not much in the abandoned world, what they miss most is simple contact with another human being. Interest is the best help for them. This film is a record of the fourth action to help samosely. We spent a full 4 days in the Closed Zone. The participants were Krystian Machnik, Maciej Bogaczyk, Amadeusz Kocan, Marek Baryshevskyi.

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