The Last Loner – Final Trailer

“The Zone takes back, what man once took”

Introducing the latest and final trailer for the full-length independent post-apo film “The Last Loner”.

“The Last Loner” The exclusion zone is filled with radiation, unexplainable anomalies, dangerous mutants, but also people who end up there for various reasons. Into the most dangerous place on earth comes young Mikhail Shevchenko. He will have to face the horrors of the zone to find what he is looking for.

Trailer realization:

  • Editing/Colorization – Amadeus Kocan
  • VFX/Animation – Bartosz Wabno
  • Graphics – Kinga Klakla
  • Music – Alan Bucki
  • Sound design – Janusz Kocan
  • XBestCinema film studio is responsible for the film “The Last Loner”

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