Morning TV Interview about Chernobyl

Today, Amadeusz Kocan of XBestCinema and Krystian Machnik of appeared on the TV show “Question for Breakfast.” The main point of the program was the humanitarian actions carried out to help the indigenous inhabitants of the exclusion zone and the documentary film The Last People of Chernobyl 3, which is being made in parallel and will depict the history and lives of the people who decided to stay. “Samosely – that’s how those who still live in the Chernobyl Zone, created in and around Chernobyl after the 1986 nuclear power plant disaster, are referred to. The nearly abandoned villages have no running water, often no electricity, and most of the less than 50 residents struggle not only with loneliness, but also old age. The makers of the documentary film “The Last People of Chernobyl 3” have given voice to the disappearing community.”

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