365 days in the exclusion zone

365 Days in Chernobyl is a short film consisting of memories from expeditions and a conversation with Krystian Machnik, who has spent more than a year of his life in the Closed Zone. The interview was conducted in a non-coincidental place and circumstances, as it was held at the home of a samosel – grandmother Maria Ilchenko living in the abandoned village of Kupovate, who celebrated her 80th birthday on that exact day.

Krystian Machnik has been traveling to Chernobyl regularly since 2013. This summer he made his 100th expedition and at the same time passed the 365th day he has spent in Chernobyl altogether since the beginning of the trips. On a daily basis, he is involved in organizing expeditions to the Chernobyl Closed Zone, the Belarusian Closed Zone, Fukushima and other nuclear power plants, as well as organizing humanitarian aid for those affected by the Chernobyl disaster, with the main focus on the people still living in abandoned villages.

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